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The Primary Care Development Corporation was founded 30 years ago with a single vision: that primary care is essential.  

It’s just that simple. Primary care saves lives and prevents disease and disability.  It is the foundation of strong communities and is central to achieving health equity.   

Over the past 30 years, PCDC has worked across the country to further this vision.  We’ve leveraged over $1.5B in capital and tax credits. We’ve helped thousands of primary care and behavioral health organizations build or expand facilities and improve their services, to create 20,000 jobs, expand access to care in communities that lacked it, and touched the lives of almost 60 million people.  

With your help, PCDC can do even more to ensure that primary care will survive and thrive.    

Your sponsorship will help us continue to invest in communities that need it the most, through capital, technical assistance, and advocacy.  

We won’t stop until primary care is available and accessible in every community.  We know you won’t either.  

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